Touring Europe May 2018

Hammers Lake  is a trio comprising Judith Hamann (cello), Carolyn Connors (voice), and a different percussionist/drummer each performance.

Hammers Lake is an improvising ensemble launched from new classical, jazz, and avant-garde practices. Using a range of extended techniques, preparations and physical interventions, the ensemble engages with improvisation as a gestural language that is firmly situated within the body. Current improvisation performance practice seeks to act as a spontaneous exchange between artists: by engaging with a new percussionist at each performance event, Hammers Lake enunciates both process and outcome in real time.

Carolyn Connors is a vocalist, pianist and accordionist whose performances sit within contemporary classical, cabaret, and experimental music.  She has worked with many companies, including Chamber Made Opera, Finucane and Smith, Elision, Jump Leads, the Museum of Modern Oddities, ELISION, JOLT Arts, and Machine for Making Sense. Her festival appearances include The Melbourne International Arts Festival, Adelaide and Brisbane Fringe Festivals, Liquid Architecture, and Overground for the Melbourne International Jazz Festival.  Her compositions for solo voice have been performed at PICA (Perth), Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Sydney Festival, Oerol Festival (The Netherlands) and Densite (France).

Judith Hamann is a Melbourne-based musician whose main instrument is violoncello. Her performance practice stretches across various genres encompassing elements of improvised, art, experimental and popular music. Judith has performed with artists including Jon Rose, Oren Ambarchi, Charles Curtis, ELISION, Not Yet It’s Difficult, JOLT Arts, Decibel and Soundstream as well as being a founding member of Golden Fur. She has performed widely internationally and nationally with major festivals including Tectonics (Glasgow), the Melbourne International Arts Festival, The Now Now (Sydney), Dark Mona (Hobart), Extremities Japanese Australian festival (Tokyo), Ausland Summer Festival (Berlin) and Liquid Architecture.

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