Tectonics Adelaide, Adelaide Festival 2014

…the astounding “Hammers Lake”. The brilliant Carolyn Connors (vocals) and Judith Hamann (‘cello), were joined for this performance-art feast by the fabulous Tomlinson (percussion). Anguish met joy and unique use of aluminium foil, in this Festival highlight. http://www.glamadelaide.com.au/main/adelaide-festival-review-tectonics-program-2/

Highlights included the exhilarating Hammers Lake, an Australian trio featuring the extraordinary throat-singing of Carolyn Connors, who screamed, ululated, made a bandana out of a piece of tinfoil and then rhythmically spat into it.  http://www.theguardian.com/culture/australia-culture-blog/2014/mar/11/tectonics-adelaide-program-two-review

Hammers Lake … were rivetingly convincing with their unplugged improvised gentle melange.  The Advertiser, Wednesday March 12 2014

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